Amazing Makeup & Hair Testimonials


by Eliana Noronha


“Hi, dear Eliana, I miss you and that beautiful day!! Look, I want to thank you again for everything you did that day, you were wonderful, super high-spirited, excited, made me ultra relaxed and safe (including that veil problem, your readiness to help us was exceptional). I am very happy to have chosen you to be with me and my mother on this day! The makeup and hair were beautiful, as I dreamed! And one of the happiest and most exciting moments was when I was wearing makeup here at home, during the test! It was wonderful, I loved it! Thank you for everything and for your patience. Kisses.”


“Dear Eliana! You are a special person, an incredible woman. Thank you so much for all your affection and dedication. You will always be kept in my heart. It was an honor to meet you and have the opportunity to have you make me look beautiful on the happiest day of my life. God bless you! Kisses.”


“You are wonderful! What happiness to have you with me on my day. I could not have chosen a better person! Attentive, high-spirited, super professional and available! Thank you for taking care of me ! My two hairstyles and my makeup were amazing. I felt beautiful! Besides the tranquility and the positive energy the emanates from you, I will always remember you with much affection for everything you have done. My family and friends were also delighted! Thanks a lot! Big kiss.”


“It was very special, I felt very beautiful, and you were very patient and professional. Thank you! You were the best possible choice.”


“I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the affection you showed. You and your staff are exceptional. Your joy is contagious! Thank you for helping me and my mother in those final moments. I will forever hold you in my heart. With gratitudes.”


“Once more, thank you! Your work is beautiful! Thank you so much for helping me realize this dream! It was great to be with you!” 


“You are wonderful!!! You are much more than a hairdresser and makeup artist!! Incredible energy!!! You helped me with the dress, the photos, you’re a super hyper professional!!! I was very happy with my choice!!!” 


“Thank you, because you were my fairy godmother.”


“Dear Eliana, Thank you for the company yesterday and for the wonderful work you have done. It was highly praised.”


“Hi dear, Good morning! Thank you for everything, I was beautiful thanks to you. Kiss.” 


“Hi Eliana! Everything okay? I want to thank you again for your work. Kisses and thank you.”


“Thank you for everything, God bless you dear very much. It was a pleasure.” 

“Thanks for the look and makeup! We rocked… The wedding was a success, a pity that passed so quickly!!! Willingness to do it all again! I loved your energy, your contagious joy, that delicious and natural harmony that happened!! Thank you from the heart, you made the making off more fun and enjoyable! Kisses.” – Paula